Traveling with Microsoft Surface Pro – Day 6

For the past few nights, I sat in front of the desk in the hotel and did some work. Tonight, my wife took the spot so I planted myself on the couch.

  • Due to the soft hinge and soft keyboard (literal), this machine is almost unusable without having it being sat on a solid hard flat surface. I put the firmest pillow on my lap and was barely able use either the track pad or the keyboard. I could have detach the keyboard and operate the screen with the pen but the fact remains that this isn’t a light machine. Hi pretty much have to dedicate one hand to hold it up.  The productivity just isn’t there.

One Response

  1. This reason exactly is why I went for the Ativ Pc Pro due to it having a good keyboard dock. I love the look of the Surface keyboard covers but they look as though they will only be useful in ideal situations.

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